Light and Sound Machine = Relaxation Technology

Relaxation Is difficult for most people. Stress, anxiety,  worries and many other factors can influence an individual’s ability to relax.

While there are many techniques one can learn to achieve  relaxation, the use of a light and sound machine   is one of the easiest. Light and sound machines offer individuals a technological edge in achieving states of deep relaxation.   A light and sound mind machine is perhaps one of the greatest relaxation tools ever invented.

By now, perhaps you are asking, “how does a light and sound machine work?”. Well the light and sound machine works on the principle of frequency controlled stimulation and in effect known as the frequency following response. The frequency following response or FFR, was discovered in the 1920s and 1930s during the period of the development of EEG. Scientists found that when an individual was subjected to frequency controlled light stimulation the brain would entrain to that frequency. So if light stimulation was pulsed at a frequency in the theta range which corresponds to states of deep relaxation the individual receiving the stimulation would begin to entrain into a theta state and become relaxed.

In the 1980s computer technology enabled the design of some of the first light and sound machines. These devices featured frequency controlled programs and sequences of light and sound stimulation delivered by glasses with lights mounted inside them and stereo headphones.

Today in the 21st century  mind machines  are more popular than ever in their use is widespread across the globe. However, most people have never heard of them. We believe that is about to change in the year 2012 as more and more people become aware of the possibilities of light and sound technology and its benefits for mankind.

What is a mind machine and what is it for?

A mind machine, also know as a “light and sound mind machine” is a brainwave entrainment device frequently used by EEG Neurofeedback and Biofeedback clinicians to alter the brainwaves of their client.  The device is a microcomputer that delivers controlled frequency stimulation to the user in order to “entrain” the users mind to a specific frequency range.  Different states of mind correspond to different frequency ranges of brainwaves.  For instance relaxed awareness corresponds to Alpha waves and deep sleep corresponds to delta waves.  By stimulating the user with a desired frequency range the mood of the user is easily altered.  The benefits of a mind machine include relaxation therapy, meditation, enhanced learning, sports focus and much more.  Mind machine technology is not only safe and effective in helping people reach a desired mind state, but it is also analogous to a “workout” for the brain.  It is much like taking your brain to the mind gym for mental body building!

The decision to use a human enhancement technology is a personal one, but consider this, binoculars produce super human sight and parabolic sound catching devices allow for super human hearing.  People go to the gym and build their bodies, now you can build your mental powers with the use of a light and sound mind machine.